Archigraphic 2006 – 2015

Almost 9 years ago, I have started to create my first own website. At that time, I was still a student and I had to do this as part of a seminar called „publishing on the internet“ given by Andreas Brueggemann. Later it became some kind of a hobby and I was using my website to be able to reflect my own work and development. The first version of my website was already accessible in English and German and for a short moment I had the impression that is was just perfect. But with time passing by there were a couple of feedbacks that got my attention and soon I was constantly working on new upgrades and ideas:

At one point or another, the website may need some colours. I would take that into account as part of a redesign! (A. Brueggemann, 2006)

I guess that everyone who works in a creative environment and has a pursuit of perfection in his mind may agree with me that it will not take a long time until such a redesign will be the next goal – and there have been more than just one! Since then, I constantly try to improve my website, getting new inspirations from other websites and implementing new ideas. At the beginning, I was just using Dreamweaver und Fireworks MX which allowed a simple graphical editing of my websites. Followed by the Version 8.0 and the following CS series, I also started to use other useful software solutions like e.g. FileZilla.

In 2009, I’ve tried for the first time to work with a content management system: Joomla! Joomla is a popular free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content but it did not really work for me as I did not have enough experience being able to work with such a system during that time. Therefore I kept working on static websites with Dreamweaver. Two month ago, I finally got started to work with another content management system: WordPress!

I would like to thank everyone who posted all these tips and tricks online. Especially Aliona and Nathan have helped me a lot at the beginning while I was trying to work with WordPress. Now I can finally publish my first CMS based website. Again a big thank you to both of you! I am sure, there will be one or the other redesign and some new ideas and more content will follow. What is already completely new for me is the integration of a blog into my website. I would like to use this as a possibility to be able to contribute my experience in context of the implementation and development of BIM technology in the world of architecture. I hope that my blog posts will be followed by one or another interesting discussion!

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